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Nebtrex | Shell Scripting
Don’t waste precious time writing scripts, focus on other more important tasks and let us help you with the coding.
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Shell Scripting




If you happen to be a systems administrator, developer, consultant, IT specialist, network administrator and have a need for new shell script(s) to be created or simply need to enhance your existing shell scripts then our shell script experts will be more than happy to assist. By offloading this tactical yet critical work to our shell script experts, you can devote your time to more important tasks that are better suited for your time.



Why us?


We apply the same development procedures and infrastructure for shell scripts that we would apply for larger projects; each job, no matter how small is fully tracked and managed from start to finish.



Key Highlights


  • All our scripts are custom written for your specific needs.
  • Expert Shell Scripters.
  • Full version control system and automated backups during the development process of your script.
  • Demonstrable experience with Linux Shell Scripting – We use this service for our own company needs as to ensure a high quality outcome.
  • Knowledge of services, commands and other resources in Linux environments to utilise your shell script with (i.e. FTP, Apache, Cron, configuration files, logging, SSH as a few examples).
  • Advanced shell scripting functionality – if you need something more than your standard shell script like interactive menus, detailed logging and advanced automation, we can definitely be of help.
  • Long term relationships – No quick and dirty scripts. We want you to be very happy with the solution we provide so that you refer us to your friends.



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