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Nebtrex | Nebtrex Backup Server
Looking for a secure and reliable backup solution? Nebtrex Backup Server is a solution and caters for small, medium or large organisations. It is a unique software solution that can be integrated with your commercial product for a license fee.
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Nebtrex Backup Server Technology



This unique solution is available for licensing and integration with other products and solutions.  With a centrally managed pull system, it supports complex schedules and pulls data for backups using native protocols, no user agents!  With inbuilt data de-duplication technology the potential savings on storage are huge.


Supporting a range of services/protocols to connect and perform backups via such as:

  • Backup Server to Backup Server Sync
  • CIFS
  • Data over SSH (Example Rsync over SSH)
  • MySQL
  • NFS
  • PostgreSQL
  • USB Local Drive Sync


The platform can be customised and themed, including adding additional backup services and syncing services.





  • Centralised Management Server platform to monitor and manage deployed servers/licences
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Local network services available such as DHCP, File Sharing, User Accounts
  • Stable underlying Linux architecture for speed, versatility and stability
  • Adaptable and can be enhanced with other services



Licence Inquiry 

If you are interested in learning more about this unique technology and licence opportunities and the possibility of integrating this technology with your product(s), we would love to hear from you.


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