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Nebtrex | GPS Tracking
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GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Platform for Resellers

Unique state of the art easy to use GPS tracking platform for resellers.
Support for many GPS tracking devices and simple monthly billing with no contracts. Enhance your service offerings and increase your customer base by adding Nebtrex’s GPS Tracking Platform to your range of services.

Multi-Purpose Multi-Industry Use


Track Vehicles, People, Assets and Mobiles


Use Across Devices


Cloud Platform – nothing to install


Multi-Browser Support


Mobile Apps


Solutions for Organisations, Businesses and Families


Improve Operations and Reduce Costs


Informative Reports, Scheduling and History


Alert Notifications


Battery Status and Alerts


Enter/Exit Alerts for Locations with GeoFences


Global Maps


Track Drivers, Staff, Current Location & Driver Behaviour


Easy Secure Payments


Multi User Accounts With Security Levels


Friendly Reseller Support


All reseller inquiries welcome, for a no obligation free inquiry contact us…